Mango Finance

Welcome to Mango Finance, home to the cool new algostable project on the Arbitrum One chain.
Mango Finance is a DAO with the intent of creating the first successful algorithmic stablecoin, MANGO, by means of maintaining a 1:1 peg to USDC via seigniorage.
As a Tomb Finance fork, we employ trusted & battle-tested features that enable us to provide members with a safe and rewarding staking experience. The underlying mechanism behind our protocol dynamically adjusts MANGO's supply, by utilizing our three native tokens (MANGO, MSHARE & MBOND). This theoretically ensures that our token remains pegged to the value of 1 USDC.
Arbitrum appeals to both users and developers because it aims to solve the problem of Ethereum's inability to scale, mainly due to high transaction fees. Without scalability, developers are also limited by what the network can do and how many transactions it can process.
There has been a recent influx of liquidity flowing towards Ethereum Layer 2 solutions, and Arbitrum leads the way. Arbitrum has been designed to reduce the costs and latency of decentralized applications (dApps) for both users and developers. It facilitates more transaction volume on the Ethereum blockchain network at a lower cost, enabling developers to quickly, easily, and securely port their dApps to Arbitrum and launch a diverse array of decentralized applications on the platform.
Despite the recent bear market, development activity on Arbitrum has taken off, with a resounding $1.17b invested in DeFi protocols at the time of writing - and we don't expect a slowdown.

Our Value To The Ecosystem

We mean to become a blue-chip protocol on the Arbitrum network. To do so, we must focus on the sustainability of the project through intelligent allocation of funds and expansion of our ecosystem, maintaining value to the MANGO (and all other subsequent tokens created) token.
Our stablecoin peg allows for the value of MANGO to fluctuate less, keeping prices and yields more stable. With the market's recent fluctuations, we hope to alleviate the dramatic price turbulence in the space while continuing to provide value and returns. We believe we are still early enough to make a meaningful impact on the Arbitrum network.
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